Disaster Restoration Marketing




Sanjay Gupta has accomplished a herculean feat in very short order as he took our company from the stone age to the front of the 21st century in regards to social media and marketing. His ability to build brand recognition and translate that into sales is nothing short of remarkable. Just as important, Sanjay has developed our electronic marketing approach in a way that it can be explained so that we are still the ultimate decision makers in regards to our company’s presentation to the public. That alone makes him a consultant worth hiring. (Michael Pinto)

Sanjay, this is an official proclamation “your online marketing strategy is working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Checked with my staff up front and they said YES people always say “they got us from internet. (Jim Maguire)

I wanted to write a quick recommendation for Mr. Sanjay Gupta. I began working with Sanjay’s company a little over two years ago. My company hired Sanjay to work with us on improving our Digital Marketing. Sanjay’s vast knowledge of the restoration industry along with his extensive experience in digital and SEO marketing made Sanjay the right choice for our company. After working closely with him over the past several years I was so happy that we chose his company to provide this needed service. Sanjay is a very easy going and reasonable professional. He is always willing to assist and he takes his job seriously. He understands budget constraints that a company encounters and is flexible to work as part of the overall team so that SUCCESS is achieved. I am proud to recommend Sanjay Gupta without hesitation. (Mike Lanius)

Sanjay has helped my company double every year for the past 3 years. I would highly recommend his service to anyone needing to grow their business. (Johnny Wells)

Over the years I’ve known Sanjay the main thing I have learned about him is that he has a passion for helping and coaching business owners… to help them have a more balanced life while growing a profitable business. If that is what you desire you need to connect with Sanjay. (Dan Murray)

Sanjay is great to work with, he is a big team player and will do whatever there is to help you! Sanjay is great at Digital Marketing. (Michael Mello)