Disaster Restoration Marketing

Restoration Digital Marketing Services

Game changing innovations are few and far between. They are usually simple concepts to describe but when they arrive it takes time to fully realize their importance and impact. Television was a game-changer, mobile phones were a game-changer, and blogging is also one. (Collis Ta’eed, Founder of Envato)

Digital Strategy

There is no point in setting up social media accounts or creating content unless you have a strategy.  What is your end goal?  How many new leads do you want and for what services?  These are just some questions we will ask you when we work with you on the digital marketing plan.


If you want to train your staff to manage your digital marketing campaign, let us know. We offer training solutions.

Web Copywriting and Content Marketing

Just writing and posting content on your blog is no guarantee that it will be read.  Publish and visitors will come is just dream!  You need to promote it, you need to have a strategy, you need to understand the power of social media.  We do.  We understand.  We will create awesome content that your readers will want to read and share and we know how to expose the copy to a larger targeted audience.

E-Mail Marketing

In order to maximize permission marketing campaigns and stay in touch with prospective customers, it is important that you have an e-mail marketing strategy.  The first step is to make it easy for website visitors to subscribe to your weekly or monthly newsletter.  This gives you an opportunity to market to a captive audience that gave you permission to market to them.  Win-Win!

Social Media Marketing

How do you engage potential customers and clients? How are you using social media to enhance content marketing efforts? We understand social media and will ensure that your accounts are consistently posting content to keep your followers interested in what you have to offer.

Analytics Management

How do you know if your goals are being met?  Analytics, of course.  Analytics reveal what is working and what is not.  It is a way to measure progress.  We are analytics and stats fanatics and will check on these daily to see which pages are drawing the most social media traffic, where your referral traffic is coming from, which SEO keywords people are using to find your site, and much more.

Website Design

Your website is your digital storefront.  When you work with RDMS, we will audit your current website (if you have one) and make sure it is functional to ensure a successful digital marketing strategy.  During the audit we will review the copy, link set up, social sharing, ensure that there is stats tracking for analytics, and review the current SEO to ensure that your site ranks higher and faster.


Are you getting the most business you can?  Is your current branding enhancing your efforts?  If your business needs a refresh, then we can help you with a new logo and creative and implement the creative on all of your current marketing tools like business cards, brochures, letterhead, etc.

RDMS looks forward to serving you.  If you like what you see and want to find out how we can help your restoration business grow, send us an email via our contact us form.