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FREE Digital Marketing Course!

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Knowledge you gain from this course includes the following:

  1. Answers to the top 5 questions most contractors have about digital marketing.
  2. Understand what the top 4 digital marketing goals are.
  3. Knowledge about FaceBook’s marketing benefits, backed by stats.
  4. ROI to expect from a digital marketing campaign.
  5. Top 10 skills required to manage and implement a successful digital marketing campaign.
  6. How to implement and track your digital marketing campaign.
  7. The top 3 keys to success.

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Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

How Much Traffic Will You Lose If Your Website Is Not Mobile Friendly?

How Much Traffic Will Your Business Lose If Your Website Is Not Mobile Friendly?

How Much Traffic Will Your Business Lose If Your Website Is Not Mobile Friendly?

Top Reasons You Need To Ensure That Your Website Is Mobile Friendly!

Earlier in the year, Google stated:

Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results.

Since this announcement, there have been many articles written on the topic.

On March 12th, Search Engine Land published an article: How Much Traffic Will You Lose From The Upcoming Mobile SEO-Pocalypse?

This is a fairly dramatic title, but is there any merit to it?

According to Mitul Gandhi of seoClarity 30% of total traffic, regardless of industry, is done on mobile devices.

With respect to the Restoration Industry, Sonny Ahuja, an SEO experts states that over 50% of local internet searches were done on a mobile phone. Ahuja states that if you DO NOT have a mobile optimized website you will likely lose business to your competitors because:

1. On average, EACH mobile search triggers nearly TWO FOLLOW-UP ACTIONS.
2. 55% of CONVERSIONS happen within ONE HOUR.
3. 77% of mobile searches are in a location likely to have a PC AVAILABLE to them.
4. 81% of mobile searches are driven by SPEED and Convenience.
5. 45% of ALL mobile searches are GOAL ORIENTED and conducted to help MAKE A DECISION
6. 81% of CONVERSIONS triggered by mobile search occur within 5 HOURS.
7. In 2013, mobile phones OVERTOOK PCs as the most common web access devices worldwide. (Source: Gartner.com)
8. The Prediction is there will be an 18 TIMES INCREASE in data usage because of searches on mobile devices. (Source: Cisco)

The next question: How much traffic will you potentially lose if your site is not mobile friendly? According to some experts, the loss of traffic could be 41% or more and disruptive to many businesses simply because the use of smartphones to do searches online is so prevalent.

The Restoration industry is a competitive environment. As a business owner, you need to ensure that your marketing assets maximize the benefits you gain and you should ensure that your website is mobile friendly so that you do not lose out on potential business.

Consider this, let’s say a homeowner’s basement starts flooding. Will they find a PC to do a search for a restoration company or will they use their phone? I think you know the answer to that question.

If you are unsure if your website is mobile friendly, the experts at Seo-Hacker, recommend four different tools that you can use to check if your website is mobile friendly:

1. Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test: Enter your website’s URL for it to generate a report that will tell whether your website is mobile-friendly or not.
2. HubSpot’s Marketing Grader: Similar to Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test, HubSpot’s Marketing Grader has the capability to analyze if your site is responsive enough PLUS provides a free audit for blogging, social media, SEO and lead generation.
3. W3C mobileOK Checker: Provides a very detailed technical analysis of your website, great to use if you understand the technical components.
4. BrowserStack: This is an excellent tool to see how your website looks on multiple devices and operating systems.

Is your website mobile friendly? If not, let us know, we are here to help.

RDMS is a full service digital marketing agency specializing in the Restoration Industry. We understand why you need to have a digital marketing strategy, but most importantly we implement it with decisive and tactical action that gets results.

RDMS offers an ALL INCLUSIVE web design, SEO, and social media integration package PLUS we are committed to managing the complete online PR of your firm. We will ensure that your blog is updated consistently with content that your customers want to read; distributed properly using social media to maximize exposure and viral sharing; and optimized for SEO so you capitalize on organic searches.

To learn more about our services and solutions, contact us for a 60 minute free consultation.

Digital Marketing Business Case

The Business Case For Disaster Restoration Contractors To Implement A Digital Marketing Strategy!

Digital Marketing Business Case

Digital Marketing Business Case

Do You Have A Digital Marketing Strategy?

It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change. (Charles Darwin)

Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action. (Content Marketing Institute)


In order for your business to increase your market share and further stand out from your competition, you should:

• Have a clear digital marketing plan to gain further brand recognition;
• Increase retail B2C and B2B business; and
• Become a comprehensive resource of information for consumers and businesses seeking answers to their questions.

Digital marketing has permanently changed the landscape of marketing and early adopters will benefit. The long term purpose of digital marketing is to connect with consumers in a meaningful way. This can be accomplished through a comprehensive and consistent content marketing campaign promoted through social media. Business success is based on establishing relationships. Consistent content that consumers want to share builds TRUST ultimately translating into long term sales.

Compared to traditional brand building advertising (newspaper and magazine ads, television, radio, etc.) where the investment must continue in order to generate an ROI, content marketing provides a much higher potential long term ROI. As content is added to the website, the pages are indexed by Google and other search engines, increasing the opportunities for higher ORGANIC listings from the search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. Over time, as more pages are added, this creates long term ROI because more pages can be accessed by consumers searching for services offered by your company. In short, digital marketing generates a much higher ROI than traditional advertising because the content becomes a permanent part of the website, thus creating long term value from consumers that find the content through queries on search engines.


People influence people. Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend. A trusted referral influences people more than the best broadcast message. A trusted referral is the Holy Grail of advertising. (Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook Founder)

According to Jay Conrad Levinson, author of Guerrilla Marketing for the New Millennium and Seth Godin, author of Permission Marketing: Turning Strangers into Friends and Friends into Customers, business success depends on your ability to gain permission to market.

Permission marketing is less costly and more effective than traditional interruption marketing. Interruption marketing has become less effective because consumers are constantly bombarded with commercial messages. Unread junk mail and flyers end up in the garbage. Constant bombardment through television, radio, billboards, magazines, direct mail, telemarketing, and newspapers make us unconsciously filter out the message.

Conversely, potential customers pay attention to permission marketing messages because they invited us to send them. This system enables us to spend less time marketing to strangers and more time marketing to friendly prospects that look forward to hearing from us. The message becomes personal and relevant, establishing trust between client and marketer.

Prior to the popularity of blogging and social media, smart marketers used the Internet as a tool to build e-mail lists that they consistently permission marketed to. Today, social media has once again changed the landscape of marketing. Intelligent marketers still understand the importance of e-mail marketing, but have also added blogging, promoted through social media, to their marketing arsenals. Content marketing expands the reach of brands, enabling them to leverage the power of word of mouth because social media makes it so easy for consumers to share information.


By creating and publishing remarkable content in the form that educates, informs, inspires and entertains, marketers can begin to build relationships with prospects early on in the buying cycle. (Jonathon Lister, Author and Blogging Guru)

The success of any blogging effort is based on commitment and not just a campaign. The whole premise of blogging/content marketing/inbound marketing is to add value to the reader’s life. This is important for one key reason: it creates relationships and relationship building is a prerequisite to gaining leads which can be converted to sales.

Yes, content curation and creation adds costs to any marketing budget, but the long term benefit should be a high ROI simply because excellent and consistent content builds TRUST and TRUST drives REVENUE. The key is that by sharing and creating content, your business will build relationships with many readers and followers. At the same time, consistency and relevancy of content will build trust in the brand which should result in sales for your business.


The various social media channels: Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Google+, etc. make it that much easier for individuals to share information and pass it on. This is the key to understanding social media. In the words of Jim Carroll, futurist author: Technology is accelerating the rate of change. To capitalize on changes in the market place, innovation needs to be a part of your businesses marketing strategies.

Blogging, content curation, and content production should be part of any business strategy. Blogging is the equivalent of publishing newsletters that needed to be mailed out to a database of subscribers prior to the dominance of the Internet. It is a way to connect with customers. Social media accelerates the ability of a business to connect and get the word out.

According to social media strategist, Jay Baer, “Facebook Fan Pages are email newsletters with smaller pictures.

Consider these statistics on FaceBook:

• It is the largest social media platform in the world, with more than 1.35 billion users;
• 72% of FaceBook users visit once per month;
• In Canada and the United States, 152 million people access their profiles and spend an average of 21 minutes.

Boosting excellent content is essential to reaching your target market thereby increasing followers and potential customers.

At the same time, it is also a important that your business commits to a Twitter campaign that not only tweets content produced by your company but also relevant content curated from news sources and other experts.

Consider these statistics on Twitter:

• There are more than 645 million Twitter users in the world;
• An average of 58 million tweets are posted per day;
• There are 2.1 billion Twitter search engine queries per day.

By increasing the number of Twitter followers, your company will increase its overall influence and following, which in turn, should translate into future business.


Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first. (Wendy Piersall, Google Expert)

The success equation for getting high organic ranking listings on Google is as follows:

1. Produce excellent SEO optimized content on a consistent basis that people want to share. In the words of David Meerman Scott, marketing and leadership speaker, “Think like a publisher, not a marketer.

2. Actively promote the content on social media channels: Twitter, FaceBook, Google+, and LinkedIn and respond to any comments or interaction.

3. Build a following of fans by boosting posts on FaceBook. This is paid advertising that can be tracked and has the added benefit of reaching a targeted market in your state.

4. Build followers on Twitter, LinkedIn, and FaceBook not just through content posted on your company blog, but by researching and searching out content on news sources and other blogs.

The above steps will accomplish the objective of attracting followers, and most importantly should create significant social sharing. Social sharing of content is important to higher search engine rankings.


There is a strong business case for committing to a digital marketing strategy. The success of such a strategy will be built on excellent content actively shared across multiple social media channels.

The long term benefits of such a strategy are:

• Increased traffic to the website referred from search engines and social media channels;
• Increased followers on various social media channels: Twitter, FaceBook, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.;
• Increased social sharing of content;
• Increased “Top Of Mind” brand awareness of your company and the services and solutions you offer;
• Increased relationships, trust, and goodwill with consumers and business owners that actively read and share your content;
• Increased lead acquisition and conversions that should generate sales and revenue for your business.

If your business is ready to commit to a digital marketing strategy, contact us, we are here to help.