Restoration Digital Marketing Solutions
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Sanjay Gupta has accomplished a herculean feat in very short order as he took our company from the stone age to the front of the 21st century in regards to social media and marketing. His ability to build brand recognition and translate that into sales is nothing short of remarkable. Just as important, Sanjay has developed our electronic marketing approach in a way that it can be explained so that we are still the ultimate decision makers in regards to our company’s presentation to the public. That alone makes him a consultant worth hiring. (Michael Pinto, CEO, Wonder Makers Environmental)

The mold remediation market in Atlanta is competitive. To gain an edge, I invested in the Wonder Makers, Remediation for Sensitized Individuals course earlier this year, which has proven to net more business. In addition, in discussions with CEO of Wonder Makers, Michael Pinto, I also learned about the digital marketing services that their Marketing Director, Sanjay Gupta, offers. Michael introduced us. This referral has added tremendous value to my business. In July I contracted with Sanjay’s marketing agency, RDMS, to manage all the digital marketing for my company. Sanjay’s content marketing and social media management system has yielded tremendous results for my business. Prior to working with Sanjay, I only averaged 2 estimates per week. Today, I am averaging 10 to 20 estimates per week. Usually December is a slow period, but I am already booked through to the first couple of weeks in January. I attribute this sales growth to the marketing expertise of Sanjay and highly recommend his services to other restoration contractors. The best part, he only works with one restoration contractor per region, meaning you get his service exclusively! (Johnny Wells, CEO, Mold B Gone)

We understand.

You’re an entrepreneur, a restoration contractor, focused on managing day to day operations.  You work hard, 14-hour days, and are busy training and hiring new staff, managing projects, meeting with insurance adjustors and clients, preparing quotes, and keeping an eye on your bottom line.

You have implemented a traditional marketing plan: brochures, business cards, decaled up vehicles, networking events, and even have a website.  You have heard of digital marketing, content marketing, and social media, and want to learn more and implement; but you are so busy sometimes you don’t even have time for lunch because that time in the office is when you are catching up on e-mails and phone calls.  You’re an entrepreneur, we understand because we are too.

RDMS is here to help.  We are digital marketing experts catering to the restoration industry and passionately follow social media, SEO, and content marketing news.  We keep up with the trends and changes so you don’t have to.  Most importantly we understand the restoration business and know what types of content consumers are looking for.

Why hire in-house when you can hire experts who have years of experience? We are a one-stop shop for all of your digital marketing needs. We are committed to managing the complete online PR of your firm. We will ensure that your blog is updated consistently with content that your customers want to read, distributed properly using social media to maximize exposure and viral sharing, and optimized for SEO so you capitalize on organic searches.

We are lead generation specialists!

Our services include:

Digital Strategy
Web Copywriting and Content Marketing
E-Mail Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Analytics Management
Website Design

RDMS looks forward to serving you.  If you like what you see and want to find out how we can help your restoration business grow, send us an email via our contact us form.